Saturday, 4 June 2011

slow draw on the manifold and dove

Enjoyed a short break up derbyshire
at hulme end near hartington and
managed a few sessions on the dove
(wolfscote)and manifold.

suffering from tennis elbow so my
casting was and striking were off with
long breaks inbetween to recover.

The mayfly were about but not in great was nice to catch on my own
tied flys the best patterns for me being
detached body mays and double badger.

due to my painful elbow i think my

conversion rate was below ten percent.

"too slow on the draw"

didnt manage any fish of great size,

but it was a great break in peaceful


hope to have a tribal gathering in the

summer camping with about 30 or

so family members so wont be as peaceful

but i hope to escape fishing in wolfscote dale.

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