Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The longest day,river derwent

Had a great evening's fishing on the
lower derwent after barbel.having
been twice allready with no fish caught
i was hoping it was gonna be third time
lucky and thankfully it was.

got down fishing around 5.30pm,got my
first bite after 6pm turning out to be my first
barbel of the season,pictured below didnt
weigh but estimate around 6lb

happy to get the monkey off mi back.
fished on until after 7pm when my rod
looped over again,this one seemed very fit
making several runs before i got her in the
net,this one weighed 7.11 lb(below)

carried on with little twitches on both
rods until 8.30pm when the downstream
rod was going crazy with what seemed
a very powerful fish,thought at first it was a
carp but after several minutes brought it
into the net another barbel but bigger than
the previous two.weighed in at 12.12 lb (below)
equalling my personal best barbel.

well happy carried on till 9.30pm and yet
another barbel this one went about 5 lb.
four barbel in one short session ,great action
cant wait to go again.strangely i could not
get a touch on halibut pellets but caught all
on a first time bait for me from small sample
pack.i will be ordering some more today!


  1. Great evening! Do you fish hair rig or is your bait on the hook?

    I ask because it is decades since I fished for barbel and your post is inspiration to have another look at it...

    Regular Rod

  2. i usually hair rig my baits.
    exception being luncheon meat
    which is great straight on the hook.
    dont underestimate the size of a barbels gob,i have read of guys
    actually using half of tin of luncheon meat on the hook.