Thursday, 6 August 2009

far from the maddening crowds in wolfscote dale

what a great day by the beutiful river dove
with the weather to match .john smith ,mick
and myself had a lovely peaceful days fishing
along this cracking unspoilt valley.on reaching
the checking station we noticed that only 8
anglers had fished this stretch in the last week
and with 2 miles of double bank before us we
knew that it was going to be a corker.

we leisurdly made our way downstream catching
in most pools with me catching a lovely grayling
but the best part was that john was catching
as he usually struggles here,all fish taken on
drys with the klinkhammer being the best for
me and john.

the best thing today was the sun which was quite
warm and which had not shone much of late.
spotted a very large buzzard on the top of the scree
mewing which was quite a sight.

on reaching the lower stretch of our fishing we got
split up with mick blitzing off downstream and john
going back upstream i thought i would rest my
plates of meat.on taking off my boots and socks
the cold river on my feet was sublime ,i had forgot
that all this walking and fishing took out of you.
on getting back out the river there was no signs
of either mick or john so i decided to make my way
back upstream catching john up after a few pools.
mick caught us up after half an hour with his usual pace
of cast and run and a bit miffed that we had left him.
he needs to learn that catching fish is not life and death
but relaxing is more important(maybe my age showing)
we all caught loads of fish and had a cracking day.
if any dcac members out there get out and breathe in
the peace and quiet of wolfscote.

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