Sunday, 23 August 2009

23rd august,on the derwent

fished lower derwent this afternoon ,started off
quite warm but overcast with a good south
easterly keeping the temps a bit more bearable.
nothing happened for the first hour or two then
wallop into a barbel ,good scrap then netted a nice
looking 8.7LB.went quiet again till about 5 oclock
then into another barbelbut the hook pulled out
just as i was getting the net under her nothing
till 8 oclock into another barbel this one felt a bit
bigger than the first two and nearly took my
uptream line with him as i turned him around ,
just as i got the net under him the net collapsed,
with me trying to put it back up with one hand
whilst hanging on to the rod with the other.finally
managed to get him in the net ,he looked a proper
fat un but went 9.2LBwith me thinking it was
gonna go over the 10 pound.pleased with todays
fishing makes a change from blanking.