Monday, 17 October 2011

derbyshire wye,grayling fishing

Took advantage of a days grayling fishing on
the lovely river wye around bakewell with
my brother mick yesterday.the weather was
brilliant ,more spring like than autumn with
hatches most of the afternoon.
caught this nice grayling in a hatch of olives
with one of my own tied flys which was the
icing on mi cake.

they were not all of a decent size as this one
pictured below is testament too.

saw the virgin balloon over bakewell
someone had chosen a brill day for it

mick saved his best till last knockings
in the town stretch with this lovely
looking grayling.

anyone intrested in giving the grayling
or trout fishing(in season) a go on the wye
please get in touch as my brother is available
for guiding on this wonderful river.


  1. That's a big grayling!

    Regular Rod

  2. as you can tell by the picture
    it was near dark,mick was right
    about the grayling feeding into