Friday, 9 July 2010

lower derwent,8th july

had the evening down on the derwent with mick,
it was a nice evening just chilling listening to gold
on the radio.loads of chubby like taps all the time we
were fishing.had to wait for a allmighty bite about 10.20pm
at first i thought this was a carp as it took line and made
some powerfull runs,it took me a good ten minutes to
get the fish on top in front so i could get the
net under her.on seeing the size i was gobsmacked
as surely this was a good un.

when i weighed it ,i had to look twice as the avon
scales settled on 12.12lb my new pb.
having some great fishing at the moment ,cant wait
till my school holidays(six weeks) then i can get more
fishing in with maybe some all nighters.

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