Thursday, 27 May 2010

Willersley castle,well it is may

Had a lovely afternoons fishing at willersley
castle with one or two mayflys fluttering
around and getting slashed at by the trout.
as you can see below the sun was shining
with most of the trout under the canopy
of the huge trees (mainly alder)

started off with a mayfly pattern favourite of
micks but couldnt get the trout intrested.
put on a detached body may (tied by me)with
the body made up with cohesive bandage,started
getting a few takes but only one fish to show for

in the end resorted to my faithfull yellow humpy
which saw me catching some great fish.the one
pictured below had a right set of teeth on it which
tried to bite me finger off as i unhooked it.

brilliant afternoons fishing cant wait for may fly
in full swing.