Thursday, 13 May 2010

new pb for me

snook off fishing this afternoon even though it
is my mrs birthday today ,good job i took her
out yesterday to see the new robin hood movie
at the swankie cinema de lux in the new westfield
centre ,derby .followed by a great ruby murray.
got the flowers sorted this morning with card and
balloon ,i even made her breakfast(creep)
it was worth all the effort ,purchased a new season
ticket from the tackle shop for a club which i
first fished in the mid seventies.decided on which lake
to fish ,set up 12 ft rod with 4lb main line,3lb hooklength
size 18 barbless hoping to catch a few tench ,bream ,perch
and roach.
only had perch upto about 4oz till about 6.30pm when my
float shot under ,slipping line off my reel with me just holding
the rod hoping it would turn towards me which it did then
preceeded to swim up and down the margins with me following
it through trees and reeds.i played the brute for over twenty
minutes until john my son in law slipped the net under her.
i could hardly lift it out and did not beleave it when my avon
scales went round to 22.5lb.
gave her plenty of time to recover and off she went steadily back
into the deep water.

in the car park met a chap who said he caught
the same fish a couple of weeks ago and produced
a picture of the mirror carp.
still i was happy with my days fishing and my new


  1. Nice fish John I bet that made your arm ache more than a Foremark rainbow.

  2. thanks dave
    it certainly did.
    needed the bottle of volvic
    after to get my mojo back.
    makes a change from stockies.
    should be back on rivers soon
    after the trout.

  3. You could dig holes with that tail