Monday, 6 July 2009

lower derwent,back to my roots

have spent the last couple of weeks coarse
fishing (much to the disgust of mick) mainly
on the lower derwent .derby county angling
club have some fabulous stretches of the
derwent with good secure car parking and
well kept banks.

caught the barbel above 30th june also caught
the chub pictured below on the same evening
lost a double figure carpafter a spirited battle
the hook hold let go with the swimfeeder nearly
hitting me in the mush.

below 3lb chub

thursday 2nd july caught the barbel below went
7lb also lost another river carp well into double
figures plus lost another nice barbel.

managed to get mick too come coarse fishing
on sunday 5thjuly.only had one bite all evening
but it was one of them "three yard knocks"
producing this lovely 9.8lb barbel

mick with the mardy lip on
wishing he was fly fishing "somewhere else"

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